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Guy teaching MMA
Guy doing crossfit in Aundh gym
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Trainer performing Calisthenics in Aundh Gym
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Discover your body and it's capabilities with the challenging routines of calisthenics. Forget the conventional machines, perform exercises with your body weight


Learn the World's Fastest Growing spectator sports in Pune's first MMA Octagon Cage. This blood sports will have your adrenaline rushing through your veins whether you're training for Self Defence or Professional Fights


CrossFit will boost your physical strength, build on your agility and manage your weight. This high intensity workout will get you through everything you think you can't achieve

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Do you like adventures? Because we do. Which is why we help you stay active and in touch with nature even on weekends with  breathtaking, bewildering treks to mountain-tops you haven’t seen before

Guy celebrating his trek
Little kid training in Aundh gym

Free running & Parkour

It’s play time with Generation Hench. Train your kids with us to boost their growth physically and mentally. Safe, enjoyable and specially designed circuits for your young ones

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