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Our young, driven and highly skilled coaches are here ONLY to bring out the best in YOU. With their independent approach to fitness and training, they'll make sure you've sweat your part of the day. Believe in them, and they'll make you believe in yourself.

Trainer for MMA
Trainer for Crossfit in Aundh
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Trainer for Calisthenics in Aundh
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A master in Calisthenics and Body weight training, Khush motivates and guides his students to push themselves for that one extra rep. Being a part of his batch will help you unlock your body strength, stamina and agility.

Specialises In : Static and Power-Dynamic Movements


A former MMA champion and title holder, Santosh has been in the game for the past 5 years and has represented Nepal for his sport. His extraordinary and unparalleled methods of training are born from his brute power and controlled body movements. Specialises In : Strength Conditioning, Core Training and High Intensity Movements


A MESA and EKFA certified coach Shafeeq Brings CrossFit , Functional training and a fusion of both on the workout floor. He believes " आज का दर्द कल की ज्ञीत है " . Designing new circuits and organizing team games is how he keeps the energy levels super high in his batches.

Specialises in : Resistance and Endurance Training

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